Environmental Services

By forging new links between businesses and the community, we create a beautiful environment that can be enjoyed by all. Our environmental projects not only bring about a more involved and connected community, but also create a greener and more enjoyable area for people to live in.

EMS Ltd facilitates events and link together businesses and community volunteers to help develop or maintain public and private green/open spaces including:

• City-wide litter picks involving schools and community groups;
• Community gardening design and planting projects;
• General environmental clean ups;
• Painting and decorating of play parks, community and other public buildings;
• Large and small scale environmental projects and
• Alternative energy projects

EMS - Environmental & Management Solutions
Unit E, Preston Road Village Centre
Tel: 01482 709810
Email: info@emsyorkshire.co.uk
Registered Company Number: 6978334
Registered Charity Number: 1132419