Hull Community Shop (HCS)

The aim of the HCS is to provide nutritious and affordable food for people/families who are suffering from food poverty. This is done via a means-tested membership scheme.

The HCS operates in two ways:
Residents can sign up for the HCS via a means tested membership process. HCS members then have access to all of the produce (fresh, frozen and chilled) that is available in the shop for a donation. In addition, on a weekly basis members have the option to collect up to four tins and four packet goods for £2.
Any resident can come into the shop and purchase the food that is available on the green shelves. This includes any produce in the fridge or freezer for a non specified donation.
Food is obtained as surplus (which would otherwise go to waste) from local supermarkets including Sainsburys, Marks & Spencer’s, One-Stop Marfleet, Co-op, Aldi, ASDA, Tesco, Lidl and Sainsbury’s. We also receive donations from churches and other community groups throughout east Yorkshire.

All money received goes to buying tins, package goods and toiletries for the HCS Members.

Opening times:

Monday to Thursday 11am to 4pm
Friday 11am to 3pm


EMS - Environmental & Management Solutions
Unit E, Preston Road Village Centre
Tel: 01482 709810
Registered Company Number: 6978334
Registered Charity Number: 1132419