September 4, 2009

Keep it clean – Brigham Grove clean up!

The residents from Brigham Grove have had enough of rubbish.

And just to prove how much they loathe litter, the Brigham Grove Clean up Crew are going to go out into the streets on Thursday 27th August from 10am to pick up litter. By their actions they are to show the rest of the community how big a problem litter is, and to encourage them to start disposing of it properly.

Figures released by the UK’s biggest anti-litter campaign, Keep Britain Tidy, have revealed:

That council taxpayers in the UK fork out £500m a year to clean the streets.
Over 30m tonnes of litter are collected from our streets each year
That thanks to the growing presence of dropped food, the UK rat population now stands at approximately sixty million
People who are caught dropping litter in Hull can be fined £75

Like everywhere else in the UK, the Preston Road area has its fair share of litter problems. But thanks to the Brigham Grove Clean up Crew they at least have people prepared to do something about it.

The Brigham Grove Clean up Crew will begin to tackle rubbish at Brigham Grove on Thursday 27th August from 10am. They are hoping that as many volunteers as possible will come and join them and that the rest of the community gets the message that dropping litter is ‘simply not on’.

Jan Boyd, Director of Neighbourhood Management said: “This clean up will show others that we care about the future of our local environment and that we are not prepared to live, work and play in an area that is blighted by rubbish. What is good about working together like this, is it creates a sense of community and for some of our younger volunteers it is their first taste of active citizenship.”

The Brigham Grove clean up takes place at:
Location: Brigham Grove
Date: 27th August 2009
Time: 10am to 12pm

You are invited to send a photographer/reporter to this event.

For further information please contact Jan Boyd on 0779 0840995.

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