November 2, 2016

7 Years of EMS – A Celebration !

Sometimes it seems like a lifetime since a cold day in 2009 when EMS came to life, but mostly it feels like the blink of an eye. We have delivered a whole range of projects way to many to list in full but I will give you a taste of one or four of them.

Neighbourhood Management: Working with resident/communities to ensure the services that are delivered to neighbourhoods meet their needs. A very lively but ultimately rewarding project to see services providers and residents working together to make “Preston Road a place where everyone would want to live.”

Community Allotments: We now have four allotments with 54 plots and four community gardens. But it all started with on Ryehill Grove with a garden funded by Ward Councillors on land donated by Preston Road NDC. I am pleased to say the garden is flourishing and is being maintained by The Eden Project and students from Archbishop Sentamu Academy. The allotments are only offered to residents within walking distance to the site and in some locations we even have waiting lists!

Energy Efficiency: We have been working with residents for the last four years to provide easy but effective energy advice and support all with the aim of reducing utility bills. We have also fitted over 500 energy monitors so residents are able to see how much electric items cost to run in their homes. The average saving is about £200 with one resident saving a whopping £1000!

Hull Community Shop: We work with residents who become HCS Members and provide them on a weekly basis with affordable food. Surplus produce is collected from Tesco, Marks & Spencer’s, One Stop Marfleet and Sainsbury’s Local. The money generated by residents buy the surplus produce is used to purchase tins to supplement the food on offer.

We would not have been able to deliver the above projects and all of the other work we undertake without help from our partners and our extremely dedicated EMS Board of Trustees, so huge thanks to all involved.

Finally I would like to thank all of our volunteers and the residents we have engaged with over the last seven years, we would not be here without you.

So happy birthday EMS and here’s too many more!

Jan Boyd
Founder and Chief Executive of EMS Ltd



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